If you’d like to claim Medicare Rebates, you will need a referral from your doctor. To determine your eligibility to claim Medicare Rebates, you’ll need to make a long appointment with your doctor. They will assess you and decide if you are eligible and refer you to Mind Cookie psychology under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) or Enhance Primary Care Plan (EPCP)

Private health rebates may be available for those with participating private health insurance.

Mind Cookie Psychology prefers to provide treatment face to face. Telehealth consultations will be offered in the event of illness, travel or other circumstances preventing face to face sessions.

  • Therapeutic Session per 50 minute session:
    • Private Paying with Registered Psychologist – $254
    • Private Paying with Provisional Psychologist – $125
    • NDIS (self or plan managed only) – $214.41/$156.16
    • Bariatric Screening and report – $300
  • Psychometric Assessments and reports: Fee available on request
  • Medico/legal Assessments and reports: Fee available on request

Appointments before 9am and after 5pm will attract a higher fee.

Mind Cookie Psychology was founded with the idea of providing mental health treatment to clients while increasing the clinical skill of provisional and early career psychologists as well as counselling students. These clinicians are available at a reduced fee.

Session Fee Policy

When you make an appointment with us that time is reserved for you. This is time that our clinicians have set aside for you, often meaning someone else did not get that appointment time. Your session fee is payable whether you choose to attend your appointment or not. We will always offer alternatives if you are unable to attend in person (either zoom, FaceTime or via phone).